Listing Referrals For Real Estate Agents!


Who can you call for me?

Prospecting for listings is a numbers game.  We can call the same people you’d call yourself if you had more time for personal prospecting.  We call expired listings, old expired listings, for sale by owners and we can also do circle calling around your listings and sales.  


What types of “referrals” will I receive?

If you were to do the prospecting yourself, you’d find sellers that are ready to set up a listing appointment as well as serious sellers that require more time and lead follow up.  We send both, listing appointments that we've set up for you and leads that require your attention and some follow up.  We will build you up to the seller so it will feel like any other referral by the time you receive the appointment or lead.  Then you just do what you do.  Take listings and get them sold.  


How do you call on my behalf?

We simply say… 


“Hello Mr. Johnson… my name is Cheri... I’m calling on behalf of Joe Agent at XYZ Real Estate… Joe asked me to give you a quick call because we noticed that your home came up as off the market… Did you get the home sold or was it still available?  Are you planning to put the home back on the market?  If the home had sold, where were you planning to go next?...  


“Hello Mr. Johnson… my name is Cheri... I’m calling on behalf of Joe Agent at XYZ Real Estate… John asked me to give everyone in the neighborhood a quick call because he JUST SOLD a home in the area and there are still a lot of buyers looking for homes.  The inventory is low so prices are very strong... do you know anyone in the area that has talked about making a move... that might want to find out if now is a good time?  How about you folks,  have you thought of making a move at all?...

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Quality of Referrals?


Remember, these are expired sellers and FSBO sellers.  Most of them will LIST in the next 30-60 days even if we don’t call them for you.  It doesn’t get any better than these groups and that is why so many of the top listing agents in real estate prospect these groups.  The conversion rate after you pre- qualify will be 40%  We will prospect until you’ve taken the listings that you order and replace any that don’t sell with listings that do.

How long will it take?


Our entry level order is 10 listings closed.  Normally, it will take 4 months to take 10 listings.  Then we start over.  Our goal is to find partners that can handle 2/3 new listings per month… 12 months per year… for years to come!  We have 100+ partners that would be happy to talk to you about why they've been with us for years.  

Does it work for everyone?


Prospecting isn't new nor is it complicated.  It isn’t a magic pill either but if you are the type of agent that is good at converting referrals then you'll be good at converting these too.  Our partners have literally earned millions of dollars listing and selling our referrals.

How does the schedule work?


Everything is personalized.  The price range we prospect, the geographic area that we prospect and the schedule that we use.  Every two weeks you will let us know if your schedule is open for new appointments and leads.  Some weeks are hectic and others are for vacations and seminars.  We will send you an average of 1 to 2 sellers per week only when you are working.  It is all about you.

Partnership Packages?


Most lead generation programs are web based buyer referral programs.  A lead simply fills out a form online so that they can see a property.  Very low quality.

This is NOT like that.  These are human beings having a phone conversation with sellers in your market and creating an introduction for you.  A referral.   Remember, just ONE closing pays for the program and eliminates the risk.  

Entry Level Package:

10 Listing Side Closings $5000 plus 10% Broker to Broker Referral Fee at closing.

The Next Step?


We want to make sure this program is a good fit for you.  The next step is as simple as:  

  1. Schedule a market evaluation so that we can determine the best types of prospecting for you specifically based on your market.
  2. Talk to a few of our partners in similar markets and get their insights on what it takes to be successful on your end.  Great partners take phone calls.  We have over 100 of them and they will be very happy to share their experience with you.

Questions: send us a message or call us 585-348-9731

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Sellers That Listed With Our Partners!

Living in an RV!

Hi Debi, I spoke with the seller Mike.  This is going to be a great opportunity for you.  Mike recently took another job a few hours North of his home.  He is actually living in his RV until his home sells! The good news is that they are willing to list with an agent if he likes what they have to say.  This is an appointment but I told the seller that you’d call to confirm and probably have some additional questions for them.  He is looking forward to meeting you.  Remember, most of these sellers DO list their homes within 30 days so good luck.

Mother's house!

I spoke Robin and we had a fantastic conversation.  She was easy to talk to.  Her and her husband are selling their mother’s home.  Her mother has some serious health issues and is living with Robin.  They would like to sell the home sooner rather than later and they are open to selling it furnished or unfurnished.  There is no mortgage on the property.  The good news is that they are willing to cooperate with agents if you have a buyer for the home or if the NET makes sense and now that the home is cleaned up she just wanted to talk to her husband to coordinate a time that might to have you come see the home and discuss their options.  Robin will look for your follow up call.  Sellers like this normally list right away.  Good luck! 

Shopping for an Agent!

The seller had a bad experience with 2 agents in the past and that is why she decided to sell on her own.  She did open up to me and we had a decent conversation.  The good news is that the seller has already moved out of the home and it is vacant.  She is open minded and willing to list the home if what you have to say makes sense after you meet with her on Friday.  I’m confident that she will list with you if you can show her what you can do to get her home sold.  I did set up the appointment but I told the seller that you’d call to confirm and probably have some additional questions for them.  They are looking forward to meeting you.  Remember, most of these sellers DO list their homes within 30 days so good luck.

Vacant Home!

I spoke with the seller.  It was a quick conversation.  The seller has moved out of state and the home is vacant so it doesn’t get much better than that as for motivation.  The good news is that they are willing to list with an agent if they don’t sell the home soon.  The seller has only been on the market for 2 weeks but at $779,000 it is a great price and a potential commission of $23,000 so I wanted you to have it even if you need to do a little lead follow up.  This is just a lead at this point.  After you talk to the seller you can decide if you’d like to do the follow up yourself or have us do the lead follow up for you.  Remember, most of these sellers DO list their homes within 30 days so good luck.

LISTED! After lead follow up call

This seller has only been selling for 3 weeks BUT at $823,000, this is a great price point so I wanted you to have it even if they don't list immediately.  The seller is downsizing because the kids are gone and he can’t get up and down the stairs any longer.  The home was redone in 2003 and valued at $820,000 almost 2 years ago.  The market has only improved so you may be able to make the numbers work.  The seller is willing to cooperate if the NET makes sense.  I was not able to set up an appointment for you because the seller wanted to wait another week or two before meeting with agents so this would be considered are “lead follow up.”


Hi Eric,  I had a great conversation with Jennifer.  She was easy to talk to.   She said, “I am not interested in listing with an agent yet, but I am willing to cooperate with a buyer’s agent so that is at least half the commission she's willing to pay PLUS she said that she had flexibility with her price as well.  Jennifer and Robert have been in Warren for 40 years and now they are ready to retire and move to FL.  I really wanted you to have this because the asking price is $769,000 which is a commission of about $21,000.  She would be a great opportunity for you to call and introduce yourself.  This lead may require follow up but she will be listing with an agent when she is ready .  Good luck!

Happy Partners Take Phone Calls From Future Partners!

We have 100+ agents that have made Millions of Dollars and you are welcome to talk to as many as you like!

Mortgage Brokers & Lenders!


We call ALL the local "For Sale By Owner" sellers!

  • These private homeowners are NOT yet using a real estate agent... and appreciate the support of a lender in pre-qualifying any potential buyers that inquire about their homes.
  • The majority of these home owners will buy another home and are not yet working with a lender on the “buy” side.

New Purchase Money or Refinance Opportunities!

  • Work with the seller when they buy their next home.  80% of these sellers will sell their home privately or after listing with an agent and buy another home using you for their personal mortgage.
  • Work with the seller to Re-Finance their home if they don't sell their home.
  • Prequalify and work with the buyer leads that their listing will produce.  These sellers are not using an agent yet so they are very happy to get mortgage support for their potential buyers.  
    • "Mortgage Information" Feature Sheet" for their listing.
    • By providing a sign in sheet for open houses and a guest register for showings.
    • Mortgage information sign riders and more... 
      • The majority will purchase another home but they will normally use the lender that will get them pre-qualified.

Create "NEW" Relationships with Top Real Estate Agents!

STOP spending thousands of dollars for 2 minutes of stage time sponsoring seminars for real estate agents or asking your new loan offers to bring coffee and breakfast to real estate office sales meetings!  

There is a better way!  Give them what they want and they will COME TO YOU!

What do they want? LISTING REFERRALS!  

  • Use the listing referrals to set up meetings with agents or brokerages that you are trying to get in with. 
    • Agents will meet you anytime, anywhere... to get a listing referral and they will appreciate you even if they don't get the listing.
  • Use the listing referrals as gifts to be used to get into a real estate office sales meeting.  
    • For example, they do a “referral raffle” at the sales meeting with the winners getting the listing referrals.
  • We will set up 2 appointments per week with sellers that would like to have a loan officer come see their home and prequalify all of their potential buyers
    • 10 Appointments in 30 Days- $1,500
    • 20 Appointments in 60 Days- $3,000
    • 30 Appointments in 90 Days- $4,500
      • Re-Order Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly!
      • We only partner with one lender per market!

For more information please contact us!